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Formed in 2010 by Daniel Downing, Aloeswood is an eclectic mix of black metal, shoegaze, post-rock, progressive, neo-folk and ambient soundscapes which takes influence from a wide source of music and bands.

Experimentation and composition led to Aloeswood releasing its debut EP in 2011 for free in the form of ‘Forsaken Landscapes’. The sound of ‘Forsaken Landscapes’ is likened to bands such as Agalloch, Alcest, Enslaved, Primordial, Forefather and Falloch. Aloeswood’s sound continues to evolve, taking in influence from a wider scope of bands and blending them into the already established sound.

2012 saw Aloeswood release the ‘Winter Hymns’ split album and saw the first ever Aloeswood live performance at the Warhorns Festival in York alongside Skyforger, Wolfchant, Old Corpse Road and others.

After such a well received performance at Warhorns Festival, Aloeswood continued as a live band and performed more shows in 2013. These shows included opening for Falloch, and a successful tour with Old Corpse Road on their ‘As Spectres we Tour this Kingdom’ tour.

The next few years saw sparse live performances and personnel changes; including bringing Chris Taylor (Lester Verde, ex-Incassum) and Rich Hurst (ex-Ravenage) into the mix to complete the line-up and cement the project as a complete band. 

2016 sees Aloeswood release the 'Against the Modern World' EP, and share the stage with such acts as Winterfylleth, Saor, Manegarm, Wolfbastard, Solstice, De Profundis, Eastern Front and more. 

Aloeswood are currently working on writing and recording the debut full length album which will include the previously unreleased 'Seasons in Solitude' album as a bonus CD.


"Aloeswood deliver a satisfyingly complex and organic take on what has become a distinctively British style of black metal." - Terrorizer Magazine

"One man band genius. End of." - Mark Wood - ex-Winterfylleth

"Aloeswood are a shining star in an already thriving black metal scene within the UK. Having seen them live at Warhorns Festival I was blown away by their ability to combine fast paced black metal with atmospheric dreamscapes." The Bearer - Old Corpse Road


Forsaken Landscapes [EP, 2011] - Available for free download

From The Depths Vol. 1 [Compilation, 2011]

Winter Hymns [Split with Desiderium, Sagas & Wolfthorn, 2012] - Available for free download

Against the Modern World [Upcoming EP, 2016] 

Untitled Album / Seasons In Solitude  [TBC]


To download, please visit Mediafire.


Daniel Downing - Vocals, Guitar, Saxophone & Composition
Chris Taylor - Vocals & Guitar
Rich Hurst - Bass Guitar
Tom Warner - Drums


Warhorns Festival - Selby - The Venue - Friday 16th September 2016

Newcastle Upon Tyne - The Cluny 2 - Saturday 24th September 2016

TBC with Burial / Aklash / Wolvencrown - Thursday 12th January 2017

Nottingham - The Chameleon Arts Cafe - Friday 13th January 2017

London - The Dev - Saturday 14th January 2017

TBC with Burial / Aklash / Wolvencrown - Sunday 15th January 2017

*please note this was originally at The Northumberland Arms.

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